Load Testing

What is LoadFocus Load Testing?

LoadFocus Load Testing is a cloud load testing tool that allows testing your websites and APIs from multiple locations in the cloud with thousands of concurrent virtual users.

Why is Load Testing important?

  • Load Testing helps you understand what happens when a specific number of users/customers enter your website, application, web service at the same time. Usually you start with a small set of users and increase gradually as you start to receive some basic metrics.
  • Load Testing is an important part of software development, part which is usually ignored and forgotten by the developers, testers, product owners and business analysts, because it's not as straight-forward as other processes.

Load Testing involves a few steps:

  • gathering data from various people (data & business analysts, product owners, senior devs) or other teams.
  • understand the scenarios you want to load test.
  • write down expectations of your load tests in terms of expected metrics (response time, latency etc).
  • start testing with a few Virtual Users and for a short duration (check response codes, errors, response times etc).
  • increase number of Virtual Users and discover changes in the performance metrics results.
  • automate the load tests on staging environments and integrate with CI/CD pipelines.

Testing your website or application can be hard, time-consuming and not provide the necessary insights for the product, development and devops teams. Here is where LoadFocus helps you and your team. LoadFocus is your new testing infrastructure that takes just a few minutes to use as standalone or to integrate into your CI/CD workflow.

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