Page Speed Monitoring

for Your Websites and Competitors

Track page load time of your website and your competitor URLs.
Get hourly/daily/weekly/monthly updates on changes and historic reports.

Tracks speed of your website and your competitors' URLs.

Gives hourly/daily/weekly/monthly updates & historic reports.
We'll notify you if something goes wrong on Slack or by Email. View detailed test reports with screenshots for all URLs.

Start Website Monitoring in Just 3 Steps

1. Configure New Page Speed Tests

Simply add the URL of Your Website and your main competitors.

Set the Schedule the page speed tests to run on a regular basis.
Get notified when tests changes happen or at every run.

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2. Schedule Page Speed Tests

Schedule page speed monitors to run every hourly/daily/weekly/monthly interval.

At every run it takes screenshots of your website and of your competitors URLs.
Easily add multiple tests and enable/disable monitoring from the UI. You can edit current monitors, add/remove your competitor's URLs for your website to compare with.

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3. Page Load Metrics

We show the page load time for every added website, min/average/max values are also displayed.

Easily check the page load time of every load of your website or your competitors' URLs.

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Notifications and Alerts

Configure notification and alerts for every run.

Or when something unexpected happens (i.e. one of the URLs added is loading much faster or slower than expected).
We take screenshots at every run and we send them over email along with page speed metrics.

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Historic Page Load Results

View page load times for all the added URLs are displayed on charts.

For a better understanding of each test run, the history is kept with screenshots and page speed metrics.

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