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Cloud Platform to Build Fast Websites - Improve Customer Experience.

Why Product Owners Use LoadFocus

Enhance experiences

Save time by using our platform in order to create more complex load testing scenarios.

No need to build your own testing infrastructure. Use LoadFocus to set speed, performance and rendering goals and improve towards them.
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Improve product quality

Iterate until you manage to understand the limits of your application.
Load testing gives you the assurance that you are able to handle any users that enter your website.

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Page Speed Monitoring
Page Speed Monitoring

Improve Uptime

Better understand what happens with your website when lots of users enter at the same time.
Make sure your website is UP when you start getting a lot of traffic.
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You deserve better testing services

Comprehensive and user-friendly cloud platform for Load Testing, Speed Testing and Website & API Optimization and MonitoringStart Testing Now
jmeter cloud load testing tool

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