Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring runs tests at periodic intervals from multiple global locations against your websites, APIs, and web applications to ensure a successful response.

LoadFocus tests your multi-step web processes around the clock and sends you alerts when they fail or perform poorly.

Synthetic uptime monitoring

Reduce the risk of downtime

Monitor site availability

Synthetic monitoring runs tests at periodic intervals.

Real Browsers

Checks run in actual Chrome browsers to match real world conditions.

Script Real-World Scenarios

Easily build complex user journeys that replicate real business functionality.

Page Speed Monitoring

with One Cloud Testing Platform!

Load Testing

Optimize your site's performance under load with real-time insights into your website or API's peak traffic response.

JMeter Load Testing

Globally stress test your app: Execute JMeter scripts across various locales.

Page Speed Monitoring

Seamlessly track your website's load times from diverse cloud locations.

Feature-rich synthetic monitoring tool

More than 25 locations

Run tests from where your customers are.

Anomaly detection in Monitoring

Easily spot regressions.

Monitor Core Web Vitals

Monitor Web Vitals for every browser check.

How it works

Using Puppeteer & Playwright

Accurately simulate interactions with Chrome browsers.

Browser Checks

Check for specific responses, errors and items.

Collect and Debug Errors

We collect errors from console logs and generate screenshots.

Start using

Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate visitor interaction with your site to monitor the end user experience.