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PDF Reports for Load Tests
Customizable reports

Customizable PDF Reports for Load Testing Tool.

Detailed Reports Help You Pinpoint Problems and Bottleneck.

PDF Reports at a Glance

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LoadFocus, generates a full load test report with charts and tables, you can download the PDF reports and share them with other teams or stakeholders.

Click on the PDF report button from the list of load tests, or from the load test results to view/edit/download the PDF report.

Run tests from multiple locations.

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Customize PDF Reports

Customize PDF Reports

Upload your own company logo for a better branding and white-labelling experience.

Drag and drop charts to re-order the items in the report. Save report templates, to easily generate reports with custom charts and performance metrics.
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Errors and Warnings in Report

Number of requests with full list of response codes are present in the PDF report. Full explanation of the errors can also be useful to understand which are the issues causing the errors.

Charts with timeline errors and warnings are also displayed to understand how increasing the load on your website affects your website or API. Redirect, Client and Server Errors are also displayed.
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