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Websites, Web-Mobile Apps and APIs

LoadFocus is an easy and cost-effective way to load test, stress test, performance test, measure page load and automate website manual tests for your Websites, Mobile/Web Applications, Web Services and APIs

Cloud Load Test Websites and RESTful APIs

Load Test Web/Mobile Applications and APIs with thousands of concurrent users.

Find out how many users your Website or API can handle

Run load tests in the Cloud and stress your Application or Web service with up to 600k users per test.

No coding required. Run tests within the browser from multiple world locations within minutes.

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Cloud Load Testing

Cloud Load Testing

Advanced URL Configuration Options

Select the HTTP method (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) and the Protocol (HTTP or HTTPS).

Configure Query Params, Headers, Cookies, POST Body, Basic Authentication for a better customization of your Website or API load tests.

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Full Result Metrics

Investigate load test results with full load testing metrics.

View Response Time, Latency, Hits per second, Thourghput per second, Response codes, Errors, Standard Deviation, Median, Percentiles 90th, 99th.

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Cloud Load Testing

More than 1,000 companies load test their Websites and APIs with LoadFocus. Join today.

Website Speed Testing and Insight Analytics

Measure page load time and get insights to optimize websites performance.

Is your website slow? Test website page speed performance.

Run website speed tests and see what’s slowing down your website for your users.

Monitor changes over time and get advice on how to reduce page load times.

Easy to use tool for webmasters and web developers to optimize the performance of your websites.

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Website Speed Testing

Automated UI Website Testing

Automate Manual Regression Tests in Minutes. Run continuously from the cloud.

Catch Website Issues Before Your Clients Do

Simply add the Start URL of Your Website and create test steps. Set the Schedule Time of each test.

No coding required. Regress manual testing. Run tests within the browser in just a few minutes.

Set the test to run every 5 minutes and you’ll get notified when tests fail. Inspect failed steps and find potential issues.

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Website Speed Testing

LoadFocus is allows you to develop your application
instead of creating the test infrastructure needed

Load Testing, Website Speed Testing and Automated Website Testing, all in one place

Everything you need to test your application from your browser. No code required.

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