Cloud Service for Websites and APIs

Load test with thousands of concurrent users.

Monitor website uptime and perfomance.

Measure website speed and get insights.

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Cloud Load Test your Website or APIs

Find out how many users your API can handle

Run load tests in the Cloud and stress your API with up to 50,000 concurrent users.

Inspect results to optimise and improve performance.

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Cloud Load Testing

Uptime Monitoring for Websites and APIs

API Monitoring

Downtime happens. Get notified.

Setup tracking monitors and get instant notifications by email if your website goes down.

View uptime, downtime and root cause analysis.

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Website Speed Testing and Insight Analytics

Is your website slow? Test website page speed performance.

Run website speed tests and see what’s slowing down your website for your users.

Monitor changes over time and get advice on how to reduce page load times.

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Cloud Speed Testing

Why Load Focus?

1. Cloud Load and Performance Testing

Stress your API or web app with up to 50,000 users.

2. Uptime monitoring

Get instant notifications when your website goes down.

3. Website Speed Testing

Track and improve the time it takes for your website page to load.

LoadFocus allows you to focus on your application behaviour instead of creating the test infrastructure needed

It would take days to teach new team members how to use custom built software. You can start a simple to complex load test in minutes! Keep track of all your test results and compare different test runs in a very easy and accessible way for everyone to understand.

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