Load Testing Tool & Monitoring Service for APIs and Web Apps

Load test any web application, website or API endpoint with thousands of concurrent users from all world locations in less than 5 minutes.

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Discover performance issues before your users do

LoadFocus runs in the cloud on our secure servers, so you don’t have to mess with anything technical.

Run Load Tests in the Cloud and Stress your application with up to 50,000 concurrent users. Inspect results to optimise and improve performance. Find out how many clients your site can handle.

No “IT Guy”, code or installation required

Website and API Load Testing in 3 Easy Steps

Easily create new load test scenario from any location

Set test configuration: location, number of clients and duration of the test

Add the URL of your test or add multiple URLs or locations.

LoadFocus runs in the browser, so no need to install anything

Create new load test

View live API load tests results with complete metrics

Live results will help you understand the behavior of your application.

You can stop the load test, rerun or tweak the current one to understand how your application's performance changes as load increases.

Configure cloud load test

Compare and share load and performance test results

Easily select each test and inspect results

All test results are stored for further inspection, so you'll don't lose any results.

You run/inpect load and stress tests by using mobile devices: smartphones and tablets.

  • Configure cloud load test
  • Configure cloud load test
  • Configure cloud load test
  • Configure cloud load test

Schedule Load Tests for APIs and WebSites in the Cloud

Run load tests automatically at specific intervals of time

Run load tests when you are not present in the test lab, such as over evenings or weekends

schedule api cloud load test

Keep track of your performance results over time and compare them very easily

Compare different software, hardware resources, or service providers. Update and tweak application and measure how performance is affected.

Why Load Focus?

1. Cloud Load and Performance Testing

Running load and performance tests for your web application or APIs doesn't have to be an icky and inconvenient task. Load Focus - Load Testing Service eliminates all the foolish steps between you and your work.

2. Care for the performance of your application

Load Focus helps you understand the big picture: it is very easy and straightforward to run new tests with thousands of concurrent users, inspect results on charts and compare results between different test runs;

3. Load Focus is scalable and realistic

Perfect for web professionals, quality engineers, web software developers and marketing people

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LoadFocus allows you to focus on your application behaviour instead of creating the test infrastructure needed

It would take days to teach new team members how to use custom built software. You can start a simple to complex load test in minutes! Keep track of all your test results and compare different test runs in a very easy and accessible way for everyone to understand.

With LoadFocus, you’ll…

Create custom load tests by setting headers, cookies, basic authentication, or query parameters for any URL from any location

Focus on inspecting results in a simple manner. Easily send load test reports to your whole team with complete results and charts, all in one super simple report.