API Monitoring

With API monitoring from LoadFocus you are able to spot problems quickly and identify issues that could impact end-user experience.

LoadFocus monitors the Availability of your API Endpoints and helps you gain instant visibility into the performance, availability, and functionality.

REST API Monitoring

Reduce the risk of downtime

Track API Availability

API monitoring runs API tests at periodic intervals.

API Uptime Monitoring

Monitor the availability and response times of your REST API endpoints from multiple global cloud locations.

Monitor API problems as a Team

Easily communicate between developers and QA .

Page Speed Monitoring

with One Cloud Testing Platform!

Load Testing

Optimize your site's performance under load with real-time insights into your website or API's peak traffic response.

JMeter Load Testing

Globally stress test your app: Execute JMeter scripts across various locales.

Page Speed Monitoring

Seamlessly track your website's load times from diverse cloud locations.

API Uptime Monitoring

More than 15 locations

Monitor and check the response of your APIs from different locations around the world.

Anomaly detection in Monitoring

Easily spot regressions.

Track Core Web Vitals

Monitor Web Vitals and service level agreements (SLA).

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Powerful Functional API Monitoring

Discover issues that can cause your application, website, or services to fail, impacting the end-user experience.