LoadFocus for Web Agencies

Web Performance Monitoring
For Web Agencies.

Web Performance Monitoring - Improve Website Speed and Performance For Your Clients.

Monitor all client work in on place, inspect and improve performance for all websites with full history, reports and modern charts.

Why Web Agencies Use LoadFocus

Monitor All Created Website in one place

Easily run load and speed tests for all the websites your tests has created.

Keep all your test results history to better compare between different runs, different websites, different clients, and you can constantly suggest improvements.
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Share Test Results with Your Clients

Understand how your websites behave either when rendering page by page in the browser, or under heave load.
Share white-labelled reports with your own logo to multiple clients, easily just by tapping few clicks.

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Website Performance Monitoring
Website Performance Monitoring

Continuous Performance Monitoring

Receive alerts the websites' performance is slow. Alert your clients of any change in Performance, SEO or Best Practices.
Run performance tests at a daily basis to see what works. Aim for faster webpages, they result in higher traffic, better conversions and increased sales for your clients.
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Offer Page Speed Optimization Services

Are your websites built for speed?

Increase your conversion rate and retention numbers through our page speed optimization services.
Get insights into the speed of your websites from different places in the world in order to improve performance.
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Website Performance Monitoring

Chrome Extension: Website Performance Monitoring

Make Your Website Fast

Website Speed and Performance Monitoring extension for webpage speed, best practices, SEO & accessibility.

LoadFocus Website Performance Monitoring is powered by Lighthouse and focuses on modern user experience and performance metrics to help you deliver the best experience to your customers.
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Website Performance Monitoring

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