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Slow websites can harm SEO and deter potential customers.

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Analyze performance metrics, watch render videos, and detect scripts slowing you down.

Solutions for a Swift Website

Use our Website Speed Test tool for actionable advice on enhancing site speed, UX, and SEO.

The Perks of Speed Recommendations

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Swift sites rank better on Google and ensure user satisfaction.

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Gain page speed insights specific to your website's unique requirements and bottlenecks.

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Harness our recommendations to enhance user retention, SEO, and overall brand reputation.
The Perks of Speed Recommendations
Master Google's Web Vitals for SEO

Master Google's Web Vitals for SEO

The key to soaring SEO rankings?

60% of top-performing sites excel in Core Web Vitals. Discover using Page Speed Insights.

The Trinity of Web Vitals

Shine in Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift for SEO prowess.

Measure & Master with Precision

Use our tool powered by Google's APIs to pinpoint and enhance your site's real-world performance.

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Desire crystal-clear insights?

85% users prefer us over other tools for accuracy and insights on all performance metrics.

Comprehensive Metrics

Beyond standard lab tests, LoadFocus reveals essential Google metrics that are integral for understanding how a website is truly performing in terms of SEO and user experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Even those without technical expertise can quickly understand their site's performance and pinpoint areas of improvement.
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Unlock Global Insights 🌍

Unlock Global Insights 🌍

Puzzled about global performance variations?

70% of businesses leverage LoadFocus to gauge site speeds from multiple worldwide locations.

Geographically Diverse Test Locations

LoadFocus allows testing from diverse global locations, ensuring you understand your website's behavior in different regions.

Optimize for a Global Audience

Tailor your website's performance to cater to visitors from across the world, ensuring consistency and reliability.