JMeter Load Testing Tool

for Websites, Apps and APIs

Run & Analyze JMeter Tests from multiple world locations
Performance Testing for APIs, Websites with Apache JMeter

JMeter Load Testing with 600k clients from multiple world regions

JMeter load tests run in the cloud from secure servers.


Run JMeter Load Test from the Cloud

Upload Your JMeter Scripts

Scale realistic Apache JMeter load tests up to 600,000 clients per test.

Run tests from multiple locations around the world for better and more realistic results.

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Real-Time Load Test Results

Full Analysis & Real-Time Results

Live JMeter load test results help you understand the behavior of your application in real-time.

Edit and re-run tests to understand how your application's performance changes as load increases/decreases.

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Complete performance metrics results

Use analytics with intuitive interactive charts to understand the behaviour of the application under test.

Hints on current results how to continue with the next JMeter load test are displayed.
Inspect Response Time, Latency, Hits/second, Throughput/second, Standard Deviation, Percentiles 50th, 90th, 99th

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Errors & Response codes

Analysis on results errors and response codes with potential issues explained.

Interactive charts for better understanding on the exact time and number of client when the errors appeared.

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JMeter Load Testing Integrations

JMeter Load Testing Chrome Extension

Easily create and inspect results for website and API load tests and website speed tests.

Cloud Website and API JMeter Load Testing Chrome extension for creating and running free website and API load tests and speed tests

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JMeter Load Testing Jenkins CI Plugin

Use the Post build actions and define your Apache JMeter load test limits in order to mark the build UNSTABLE or FAILED.

Schedule your tests inside Jenkins CI to monitor failures and application bottlenecks.

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