Monitor Website Performance

What is Monitor Website Performance from LoadFocus?

With Monitor Website Performance service from LoadFocus you know the speed of your web pages, discover issues with Performance, SEO, Best Practices and others and improve the overall experience of your website.

Why is Website Performance Monitoring important?

  • Website Performance Monitoring helps you understand the various metrics about your main website landing page, or other web pages in your website, understand issues and with all these results you can improve the overall performance of your web application.
  • Website Performance Monitoring also helps you monitor any changes that happen when you release new features, performance or SEO degradation which can affect your SEO ranking in search engines.

Website Performance Monitoring involves a few steps:

  • creating monitors for all your desired pages.
  • add alert channels (Email addresses, Slack or Microsoft Teams channels) in order to receive notifications.
  • schedule the monitors to run every x number of hours.
  • create alerts to get triggers for various metrics like Performance or SEO scores or others.

Testing your website or application can be hard, time-consuming and not provide the necessary insights for the product, development and devops teams. Here is where LoadFocus helps you and your team. LoadFocus is your new testing infrastructure that takes just a few minutes to use as standalone or to integrate into your CI/CD workflow.

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