Load Testing with Apache JMeter

What is LoadFocus Apache JMeter Load Testing?

LoadFocus Apache JMeter Load Testing is a cloud service tool that allows running JMeter test scripts in the cloud with thousands of concurrent virtual users from multiple geographical locations.


LoadFocus Apache JMeter Load Testing allows you the following:

  • Industry-leading testing platform which offers scalability, availability, and durability for running your tests in the cloud
  • Automatically generate JMeter test script files by navigating to your website pages, while recording the workflow in a JMX test file with JMeter Load Testing Chrome Extension
  • Wide range of test scenarios, easily choose locations and drag and drop total number of concurrent virtual users, ramp up time and steps
  • Easily manage test runs by storing all previous runs in a single place
  • Live real-time results with modern charts and full performance metrics
  • Easily upload JMeter test scripts and compare between various test configurations
  • CI/CD integration with Jenkins plugin to automate the load tests on staging/production environments

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