Use Cases

Using LoadFocus Load Testing tool can help you accomplish a variety of goals. This sections lists just a few, to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Prepare your website for an email marketing campaign

LoadFocus Load Testing tool can help find bottlenecks with your website before starting a big email marketing campaign. With LoadFocus you can simulate real load on your website from multiple cloud locations. You can test and analyze the response time, latency and other important performance metrics in real-time with modern charts and insights. You can run multiple tests with up to 10,000 concurrent virtual users to mimic the email campaign.

Load Test Newly Build APIs

LoadFocus Load Testing tool offers several scenarios to load test your newly build APIs in the cloud.

Load Test Scenarios

Understanding what happens when 10,000 users enter your website at the same time

LoadFocus Load Testing tool offers the ability to simulate virtual concurrent users entering your website and navigating to various pages of your website based on a workflow. You can easily achieve this load test scenario by setting the Virtual Users to 10,000.

Load Test Configuration

And adding multiple URLs requests to a load test.

Load Test Requests

For more information about how to load test your websites and APIs in the cloud with LoadFocus Load Testing tool, see Load Testing Service or JMeter Load Testing Service.