We get asked a lot if we can demo the Cloud Load Test Testing Service we offer, so we've created this page which contains all the details need to understand how to run Website Load Testing or API Load Tests from the cloud using LoadFocus.

Getting started with Load Testing using LoadFocus

1. View demo load testing video

Here is a useful video on how to run your first load test using LoadFocus.

2. View results using demo test

Enter the platform for an already created load test to inspect the results metrics, charts and dashboard. Demo

3. Understand load testing use cases

View some use cases on why and when to run load tests, learn more.

4. Run your first load test

Here you can see a step-by-step tutorial on running a load test, understanding technical terms and creating your own scenarios, learn more.

5. Analyze the results of your load test

Understand how to interpret the results of your load test, either for a website, API or web service, learn more.

6. Automate Load Testing with Jenkins CI/CD Plugin