Crafting Perfect Test Names

Crafting Perfect Test Names

Test name refers to the unique identifier or title that is given to a specific load testing scenario or script. Naming a load test appropriately is essential for organization, especially when dealing with multiple test scenarios within a project. A well-chosen name helps quickly identify the purpose and scope of the test.

  1. Incorporating the Functionality Being Tested: If the load test is targeted at a specific function within the application, including that function in the name can help quickly identify the focus, e.g., "UserLogin_Load_Test."
  2. Including the Load Level: Naming the test to reflect the expected load level can be useful, such as "1000Users_Checkout_Process."
  3. Date or Version Information: If the test is associated with a specific release or iteration, including a date or version number might be beneficial, like "V2.0_HomePage_Load_Test."
  4. Type of Users or Behavior: Including details about the type of users or the behavior being simulated, e.g., "GuestUser_Cart_Addition_Test."
  5. Environment Specifics: If tests are being run on different environments (staging, production, etc.), specifying this in the name can avoid confusion, such as "Staging_500Users_Login_Test."

The goal is to make the load test name descriptive enough to provide insights into what the test is about without being overly complex. It should serve as a concise summary of the test's purpose, target area, and key characteristics.

Test Names examples

  1. "PaymentGateway_Stress_Test_2000Users": This name incorporates the specific functionality being tested (Payment Gateway) and the load level, indicating it's a stress test with 2000 users.
  2. "V3.1_ProductSearch_500Concurrent": This name includes the version information (V3.1) of the application or feature being tested, along with the functionality (Product Search) and the number of concurrent users.
  3. "CheckoutFlow_GuestUsers_1000ReqPerSec": This title specifies the user type (Guest Users) and the function being tested (Checkout Flow), along with a metric of requests per second.
  4. "Production_SignUpPage_Load_Test_March2023": By including the environment (Production) and date (March 2023), this name gives an immediate understanding of where and when the test is conducted, focusing on the SignUp Page.
  5. "AdminUser_Dashboard_Load_5MinPeak": This name reflects the type of users being simulated (Admin Users), the functionality (Dashboard), and a specific condition or duration of the test (5-minute peak load).