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Load test your website in QA or pre-production environments.

Catch website performance regressions before they reach production.

Load Testing a Website

Start small

When starting to load test your website, it is always better to start small and simple and focus on getting some first results before adding more concurrent users, test cases or complexity.

Focus on number of errors and type of errors you receive. If no errors are received, you can start increasing the number of concurrent virtual users and monitor the 90% and 95 response time percentiles, and errors.

Run tests from multiple locations.

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Real-Time Results and Reports

Real-Time Results and Reports

With real-time results, you do not need to wait until the load test finishes to understand how your website behaves. Modern charts and full performance metrics allows to discover issues or bottlenecks, early on.

Customize your PDF reports by adding your own logo, re-arranging or removing charts or metrics or adding comments to your PDF reports.
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Types of Load Tests for Your Website

Smoke test, Load test, Stress test, Spike test, Soak test.

You’ll want to run at least one type of load test for your website, no matter what website you have, single page website, blog, e-commerce website etc. These load tests can reveal weak points that you may have missed while building or improving your website. Fixing them before running your website in the production will save you a lot of headaches.
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