Soak Testing in Software Testing

Soak Testing in Software Testing
Focus on Reliability

Soak testing is done to determine if the application under test can sustain the continuous load.

Discover performance and reliability issues by putting the system under pressure for a extended period.

Why Should You Perform a Soak Test?

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Soak testing is used to identify and optimize potential problems, such as memory leaks, resource leaks, or degradation that could happen over time.

Soak testing checks that your website does not suffer for any memory leaks, which result in application restarts or crashes, it find bugs related to race conditions and makes sure your logs rotate and don't exhaust the allotted disk storage

Run tests from multiple locations.

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Benefits of doing Soak Testing

Benefits of doing Soak Testing

Regular soak tests guarantee the application's fitness. Also it detects bugs that could not be found by other load and performance tests.

It spots the deterioration in performance which can happen after a long period in time, that is why soak tests need to be carried for long periods.
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Soak Testing in LoadFocus

Duration of soak test should be of at least one hour, and extend it if no issue are found. Time is an important factor when running soak tests as some issues depend on time and not on the number of concurrent users.

Running soak tests with LoadFocus helps you discover how sustainably your website's infrastructure is over time
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