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Choosing the Right Load Testing Tool

Free Load Testing Tools vs. Paid Load Testing Tools

There are a lot of load testing tools in the market today, open-source load testing tools, free load testing tools, paid load testing tools with various type of plans. You can always contact us if you have performance/load testing questions. Free load testing tools are mainly used for small-scale test using one location. Free tools will never be able to provide as much data as the paid load testing tools.

Run tests from multiple locations.

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Real-Browser Load Testing Tools

Real-Browser Load Testing Tools

First of all understand how your website behaves, you need to start running server load tests. Server load tests help you understand how your whole infrastructure, frontend/backend, APIs and databases behave under heavy load.

Using real browser in load testing can be useful because you mimic the exact behaviour of your users, however, the assets loaded by your website can be hosted in CDNs and not on your server, so load testing your server first might be a good place to start.
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API Load Testing Tools

Having tools that allow you to record the API requests when loading various pages of your website can be very useful.

Creating API load tests for various REST API requests like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and others can make your load tests more similar with the real world.
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