Understanding Load Testing in Software Testing

Load Testing in Software Testing

Load testing is a type of software testing, a non-functional testing type, which is conducted to understand the behaviour of the system, website under load.

Load testing is used to identify whether the website behaves well under load or not. Objectives of Load Testing:

Load Testing Process in Software Testing

Test environment setup

The environment where the load test will be executed needs to be setup and need to mimic as much as possible the production environment, a staging or pre-production environment would be perfect for the load testing process.

The network, infrastructure, database, hardware and software specifications should be set as near as the production environment.

Run tests from multiple locations.

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Create and Execute the Load Test Scenarios

Create and Execute the Load Test Scenarios

We need to define the performance criteria, number of concurrent users, ramp-up time and steps, and the duration of the load test.

Executing the load test from various cloud locations should happen after the load test scenarios are created. The load on the servers is emulated using multiple cloud servers to perform the task in parallel.
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Analyzing test results

This is the most important step of the load testing process, step in which we analyze the performance bottlenecks and the performance metrics received.

Using LoadFocus, all these metrics can be understood easier using interactive charts with all performance metrics, response codes and errors.
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