Load testing Scenarios

Load testing Scenarios

Questions for creating load testing scenarios:

A load testing scenario defines how many concurrent virtual users should run in a load test.

Load Testing Scenarios for Your Website

Number of Concurrent Virtual Users

A load test scenario can have a different number of concurrent virtual users. The number of requests can be determined either by the duration of the ramp-up time + duration, or by the duration of ramp-up time + number of iterations.

Run tests from multiple locations.

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Designing Realistic Scenarios

Designing Realistic Scenarios

The number of virtual users you select is equivalent to the number of users hitting your website or API. Many focus should be in your scenarios, how many concurrent users will you be simulating.

The focus should be on creating realistic scenarios, scenarios based on the data you gather on your website. If you end up simulating unrealistic scenarios, all the time invested in designing, running and analyzing the load tests might be useless.
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Editing Scenarios and Running the Scenarios

You can easily edit each scenario, and update the configuration. Each configuration will be assigned for each test run. So if you run the load test with scenario 1, edit the scenario and run the test with scenario 2, each test result will have the designed scenario attached.

Selecting the cloud region can be done when designing the load test scenario. Running the test is done simply by clicking the Run Test button.
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