Checklist of Load Testing Best Practices

Checklist of Load Testing Best Practices
Key Takeaways

Full list of best practices:

Use these best practices to ensure that your load tests are highly effective.

Test Early and Often using Production-like Environments

Replicate your Production Environment

Most important thing to get realistic and accurate results is to be able to tests on a staging, pre-production environment using similar characteristics as the production.

Testing early and often should be another important goal which will help you discover potential issues, and also allowing your team to fix, deploy and re-test the fix in the right environment.

Run tests from multiple locations.

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Focus on Realistic Load

Focus on Realistic Load

Your goal should be to gather data about the traffic on your website and increase it to understand how your website behaves under a realistic and sustained load, maybe from multiple cloud regions.

An outage can impact your business bottom line, and can ruin your brand and reputation. Avoid these issues by testing your website under different loads before deploying into production, or before sending that huge email campaign, or before creating that advertisement.
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When to Run Load Tests

Running small tests on a daily/weekly basis or on every new build is key avoiding releasing issues into production. Running large and extensive load tests for specific events can also be useful. Being able to see what a users sees when the website is under heavy load can be very interesting.

Focus on running different types of tests, as the might bring up new issues. Types of load tests may include: Smoke tests, Load tests, Stress tests, Spike tests, Soak tests.
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