Benefits of Load Testing in the Cloud

Benefits of Load Testing
In The Cloud

Advantages and Disadvantages of Load Testing.

Here are some economic advantages to automated load testing in the cloud.

Benefits of Automated Load Testing

Automated Load Testing is Cost Effective

You save a lot of time by using a cloud load testing tool to automated the running and analyzing the results of various load tests for your website and APIs.

Saving a lot of money is key to running repeatable tests without having the need to maintain huge hardware and infrastructure requirements.

Run tests from multiple locations.

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Ensuring the Availability of your Services

Ensuring the Availability of your Services

Users for all around the world will access your website every single second, and your website needs to be available to all your users without a second of delay.

Load testing helps software teams to identify potential performance issues, and make the web application accessible to all users under the expected/unexpected load.
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Ensuring Customer Retentions and Satisfaction

You can easily lose customers, new and old, if your website is very slow or is not accessible from time to time.

You need to make sure your website is stable and reliable, loads very fast and allows your users to have a good experience while using your services..
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