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When do you need to load test or measure the loading time of your application on localhost:

  • before you deploy your application the first time and assign a public IP
  • during development of a new feature that you want to test in terms of performance metrics

Below are the steps that will help test your application on localhost:

  • Go to
  • Create an account
  • Download the ngrok software on your localhost
  • Install the auth token that you have been assigned when you created the account on
    Ex. ./ngrok authtoken 2CN4XNu97Hk2KCbuKF9pp_2NqX7j8kBntMBSEuG9mwv – change the last part with your auth token
  • Start ngrok on your localhost like:
    Ex. ./ngrok http 80 – this will forward the requests to port 80 on your localhost (in case you need another port just change 80 to the desired port)
  • Once started in the command line you will see the url that you need to use in your load test (should be something like the following:
  • Log into your LoadFocus account and create your first test
  • Set Test name, the location from which you want to run the test and the url which in this case will be something like:
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 20.15.14

That’s all. Enjoy.

P.S.: Ngrok software will have an impact on the results of the test but is a good starting point until you will deploy your application on the production environment. is a Cloud Testing Platform used for Load and Performance Testing for Websites and APIs and Website Speed Testing with Analytics.