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We created a list with top reasons why load testing should matter to your website or APIs:

  1. to identify potential bottlenecks of your application
  2. to discover the number of concurrent users that can access your application without a heavy degradation of the user experience
  3. to find out the breaking points of the technology stack used by your application
  4. to find your application’s behaviour under load
  5. to check the time it takes for your server to respond to clients and understand if your website loads in a decent amount of time
  6. to find out how slow the APIs or any other web service respond under heavy load
  7. to understand if the database technology or the connections to the databases (Postgres, Redis, Mongo etc) represent a bottleneck in your application
  8. to find out if the changes done in each release had a bad influence on the performance behaviour of the application
  9. for overall changes that are likely to influence the performance behaviour
  10. for fine tuning the different technology stack components
  11. to discover hardware issues or hardware/VM related problems, like limitation on the number of threads or file descriptors configured on the system
  12. if your article reaches the first page on Hacker News, but your website is down you regret you haven’t considered load testing previously
  13. to know how many parallel users your website can handle
  14. to understand if any errors appear to the end users and how are these going to affect their journey
  15. to be confident you can make a email campaign and all your customers are going to experience the designed workflow

LoadFocus.com is a Cloud Testing Platform used for Load and Performance Testing for Websites and APIs and Website Speed Testing with Analytics.

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