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Load Focus offers free website load testing at no cost for a number of concurrent clients. Please check how easy is to configure a new load test, run the test and inspect live results.

Schedule the load test in the cloud to run when you are not in the office, so you have a better understanding of how your website behaves at different time intervals.

Get your load test results by email and easily compare with the previous test run, just by clicking the Compare tab in the test results page.

Create New Test –

  • select Location and set test configuration: test type, number of clients, duration/repeats and delay between threads.
  • add more URL in order to create a load testing scenario: on each location a client will execute URL1 then URL2 for each request in this sequence

Schedule Test –

  • want to run a load test every day, or at a specific time when you are not in the office, or when there is no external load on the website?
  • choose Start date and time and specify a End date for your scheduled test

View Test Results

  • live results
  • view load test results – all needed metrics visible on charts
  • HTTP Status Codes and Errors for all requests

View Results Analysis

  • based on the results from you load test we are offering a short analysis of the test
  • hints on current results how to continue with the next load test are displayed
  • a short summary of the most important metrics – time, latency, hits, throughput, errors

Compare Test Results

  • one click compare with previous test runs
  • understand what are the differences between test runs

Happy free website load testing! Enjoy!