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LoadFocus launches today the cloud load and performance testing service powerful enough to stress a web application or API with thousands of concurrent users.

Based on Apache JMeter open source project and hosted in the cloud, LoadFocus is designed for software developers, QA (Quality Assurance) engineers and product owners to run accurate load and performance tests with minimum costs.

load testing results

As we can see nowadays there are numerous web applications and APIs that appear everyday which requires load and performance assessments.

However, the existing commercial and professional load testing solutions are too expensive and too complex to meet real world requirements. The open-source load testing tools, like JMeter, are limited in terms of scalability for the requirements of enterprise and high-traffic web applications.

Once you sign up with LoadFocus.com, the only cost you will have is running the injector machines (Amazon EC2 instances).
The cost depends on the type of machine you’re using and the duration of the load test.

LoadFocus.com provides unlimited testing capacity, interactive real-time reporting and comprehensive result analysis integrated with mobile devices.

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