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Entrepreneurs always ask themselves which is the best way to grow a startup, paid ads or organic user search.
We believe that organic customers are a good way of identifying the product market fit of your MVP. Before investing into any paid ads you must first have a product, a product that would be loved and shared by your first customers.
Once you get the product market fit and you get some traction, you may find it not that risky to actually start spending money on paid advertising (paid ads, paid videos or paid posts).
Organic Growth
Here are a few ways to reach to you customers without spending startup money:
  • optimise your application for the search engines (SEO optimisation)
  • create a blog related to your startup activity (related to future product features, tech ideas)
  • create a Q/A are on your website to dynamically generate a FAQ
  • create guest blog posts and offer to post them on other websites without asking for anything in return
  • HackerNews is a good way to share your new idea to the world and get
Some of the metrics we consider are Bounce Rate, Daily Page Views per Visitor, Daily Time on Site. Creating goals for important actions on your website and segmenting the audience is something you may need to consider. Also to validate that you have a product market fit, 90 day retention numbers give you a good overview.
Useful growth resources that helped us can be found here: https://growth-hacking.zeef.com/david.arnoux


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