Website UI Testing From the Cloud

Automate manual tests of your website. No Code Required. Catch Website Issues Before Your Clients Do.

Website UI Testing

Monitor Websites from multiple cloud regions

Receive potential issues and performance improvements instantly.

Automate the repetitive manual testing of your site

Schedule your automated tests to run from cloud instances at scheduled times.
We'll notify you if something goes wrong on Slack or by Email. View detailed test reports with screenshots and videos of the bug in action.

Start Website Testing in Just 3 Steps

1. Configure Website UI Test

Simply add the Start URL of Your Website and create new test steps.
Set the Schedule the tests to run on a regular basis.

Inspect test results and get notified when tests fail in order to find potential issues.
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2. Edit and Configure Tests Steps

2. Edit and Configure Tests Steps
You can click on elements, select dropdowns, set assertions in order for your test to pass.

Set actions for your test scenario: Go to URL, Refresh Page, Click on button
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3. Run Tests Continuously in the Cloud

Run Tests Continuously & Set Custom Notifications
Set the test to run every 5 minutes and you’ll get notified when tests fail through email. Inspect failed steps and find potential issues.
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Instant Notifications

WWhen tests fail, LoadFocus emails you or notifies you and your team instantly on Slack.
Live automated website monitoring and notifications with LoadFocus
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