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LoadFocus is Gatling alternative which offers an all-in-one cloud testing platform for websites and APIs with load testing, Apache JMeter load testing functionality and even page speed monitoring!

New Load Test Scenarios

Scale realistic load tests with more than 20,000 Virtual Concurrent Users per test.

LoadFocus runs in the browser, so no need to install anything.

Run tests from multiple locations.

Virtual Users per duration / iterations

Virtual Users per duration / iterations

Choose between different load testing scenarios for a better simulation of the users accessing your application.

Configure duration to identify application behaviour when x clients connect on the app in parallel over a period of time.

Extensive load test configuration

Design your requests as you wish to fit your test scenario.

We support all REST methods, also Query Parameter, Headers, Cookies or Basic HTTP Authentication.
Extensive load test configuration

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LoadFocus offers Cloud Testing Services and Tools for Websites & APIs