Visual Regression Tool for Websites from the Cloud

Visual Testing Tool To Increase Deployment Confidence. Identify potential visual issues. Deploy with confidence when you run your new changes through our easy to use screenshot comparison tool.

Visual Testing Tool That Increases Your Deployment Confidence

The Visual Regression test will fail if the differences between the two pages are higher than a set threshold (“tolerance” can be set from 0% to 90%).

Run Visual Comparison Tests in the Cloud

Choose Staging and Production domains

Add Staging and Production websites to run visual comparison against each other
The Screenshot Comparison Service will automatically highlight differences in elements on the web page for fast debugging.
Take Website Screenshots and compare the generated images and identify differences pixel by pixel

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See Screenshots Side-by-Side

A comparison image will be shown next to the result’s screenshot that highlights the differences in red.

For example: vs.
This will run a pixel-by-pixel comparison on each page screenshot and will highlight to look for differences

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