Run Apache JMeter on Mac

Apache JMeter.

< 1 minute read Install JMeter on Mac, to do so you have multiple options: 1. brew install jmeter 2. Download Apache JMeter from: download the source code and build it yourself download the binaries In your Finder, uncompress, and go to the directory called ‘bin‘.– Open ApacheJMeter.jar– from Terminal, use the following command: With JMeter Cloud… Read more »

What is HTTP POST Request?

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< 1 minute read HTTP POST request is used for sending data to a server. You can use POST requests for upload a file or submitting a web form, make sure that the receiving application agrees on the format. Additional headers are sent with the POST request: Content-Type: header which is usually application/x-www-form-urlencoded and the Content-Length: header gives the… Read more »