How to Test your Websites in Smartphone & Tablet Mobile Emulators

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2 minutes read Mobile Emulation service from LoadFocus allows you to understand how your websites and web pages render on mobile devices, in case you are keen on building mobile-first, fully responsive web sites. With Mobile Emulation service from LoadFocus you can load your websites and web pages in mobile emulators and inspect screenshots to find potential rendering… Read more »

What is HTTP POST Request?

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< 1 minute read HTTP POST request is used for sending data to a server. You can use POST requests for upload a file or submitting a web form, make sure that the receiving application agrees on the format. Additional headers are sent with the POST request: Content-Type: header which is usually application/x-www-form-urlencoded and the Content-Length: header gives the… Read more »

What is the max number of concurrent users a JMeter can handle?

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2 minutes read Wondering about the upper limits of load testing with Apache JMeter on your system? You’re not alone. This question is crucial for planning and executing effective performance tests to ensure your application can handle the expected user traffic. The Upper Limit: Threads and Hardware The number of concurrent users (threads) you can simulate with JMeter… Read more »