How to Visually Compare Staging vs. Production Websites Automatically

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2 minutes read With LoadFocus you can visually compare your staging website with your production website automatically, following these steps below: Steps to dynamically compare Staging vs. Production websites: Enter Enter your Staging Website (i.e. Enter your Production or Live Website (i.e. Click Discover button and choose the number of URLs to automatically get discovered from your… Read more »

How to Find the Bottleneck of a Website / Microservice or API

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3 minutes read Introduction Hey there! Let’s imagine the internet as a bustling, jam-packed highway. Now, think of bottlenecks like those annoying traffic jams that make you miss your favorite TV show’s beginning. Frustrating, right? For websites or services online, these bottlenecks are the difference between a user sticking around or driving off to another route. And that’s… Read more »

Schedule Mobile Emulation to Run Continuously

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< 1 minute read Why should I schedule a “Mobile Emulation” test to run every hour or every day? The answer is very simple: during the course of the development or even after the development is finished when changes are still done to the product is good to check how your application displays every day and put the running… Read more »

How to Test your Websites in Smartphone & Tablet Mobile Emulators

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2 minutes read Mobile Emulation service from LoadFocus allows you to understand how your websites and web pages render on mobile devices, in case you are keen on building mobile-first, fully responsive web sites. With Mobile Emulation service from LoadFocus you can load your websites and web pages in mobile emulators and inspect screenshots to find potential rendering… Read more »