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In this new agile world, you want to improve your application every day by releasing early and often.

How do you manage to release often without major issues?

Create a checklist for your software releases, a list of steps to blindly follow every time release a new piece of software.

Here is an example of what steps your list should contain:

  • Is the code to be released tested? Tested should include the following types of tests: functional testing, load testing, speed testing, accessibility testing, exploratory testing, API testing, Unit testing and others.
  • Are all branches code reviewed and merged?
  • Is the code to be released tagged with the correct version?
  • Do we have approval from all teams to release this piece of functionality in front of live customers?
  • Has it been tested on local and staging environments?
  • Do we have a rollback plan in case something goes wrong? if yes, which are the steps to rollback?
  • Are all assets minified and optimized for production release?
  • Are All automated and manual tests passing on local and staging environments?
  • Do we have someone on-call?

This list can go on and on, by I would suggest that every team should have a similar checklist.

This checklist should be reviewed and updated every 1-2 weeks (doesn’t matter if you do Scrum or Kanban), most likely at the team retrospective meetings.

Create a Software Release Checklist

Make sure you starting working on this list and share it with your team as soon as possible. It will help you discover a lost of issues or bugs earlier on.

How does your checklist look like?

Written by Bogdan Vazzolla.

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