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With LoadFocus you can visually compare your staging website with your production website automatically, following these steps below:

Steps to dynamically compare Staging vs. Production websites:

  • Enter your Staging Website (i.e. https://loadfocus-staging.com)
  • Enter your Production or Live Website (i.e. https://loadfocus.com)
  • Click Discover button and choose the number of URLs to automatically get discovered from your Production website
  • Start your Visual Comparison Test
  • Inspect generated images and the diff image of the two websites

This will generate a screenshot for each version of your website, Staging and Production, based on the Staging URL + Pathname or Production URL + Pathname and compare the screenshots.

You can choose the threshold which will ignore the percentage of different pixels between the two screenshots generate for each page. You can generate screenshots on different responsive sizes or emulate on mobile devices.

More details on our Visual Regression Testing service webpage.

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