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“Using LoadFocus, we’ve seen a 30% decrease in configuration time, 40% faster response time after running the tests, and better UX & charts comparing to previous testing tools.”
Easier Test Configuration and Live Results

ALL-IN-ONE Cloud Testing Platform

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Load Testing

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JMeter Load Testing

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Website Speed Testing

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Website UI Testing

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Visual Regression

Configure new cloud load test

Load Test Web/Mobile Applications and APIs with thousands of concurrent users.
Find out how many users your Website or API can handle. No coding skill are required. Run tests within the browser from multiple locations within minutes.
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Name: Choose a name for your test, we automatically add the current date as a name.

Locations: Select from multiple cloud locations in order to simulate a more realistic load test.

Load Testing scenarios: Select load testing scenario from a predefined list.

Requests configuration: Easily add new requests, website URL or REST APIs, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and other request types.

Add Multiple URLs: Create complex scenarios by add multiple URLs to your load test.

Manually Configuration: Drag the bar or add in the field the number of Virtual Users, Duration, Ramp Up Time and Steps.

jmeter cloud load testing tool

Run and Analyze JMeter Tests from multiple world locations.
Easy upload and run JMeter tests from multiple cloud locations with thousands of users. Inspect real-time performance metrics for your Website and APIs with Apache JMeter from the cloud.
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website speed testing

Measure page load time and get insights to optimize websites performance.
Is your website slow? Test website page speed performance. Monitor changes over time and get advice on how to reduce page load times.
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automated website testing

Build functional tests and automate regression manual tests of your website.
We run your tests from cloud instances at scheduled times and notify you if something goes wrong. Catch Website Issues Before Your Clients Do.
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Mobile Emulations

View how your websites and web pages render on mobile devices
Load your websites and web pages in mobile emulators and inspect screenshots to find potential rendering issues, invalid HTML, missing images, wrong CSS. Emulate your site across different screen sizes and resolutions.
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Screenshot comparison for websites

View how your websites and web pages render on mobile devices
Take screenshots of any websites and compare the generated screenshots Generate screenshots of two websites in just seconds and compare the generated screenshots by a threshold to check differences.
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