End-to-End Testing Services

Software Testing Consultancy

We provide a full range of end-to-end testing services to meet your needs:

Best practices from our automation experts
We implement test framework based on open source technologies
No more testing bottleneck in your development lifecycle

Use automated software testing
to significantly reduce your regression test time

Deliver quality products to your customers

Testing Services we offer:

Functional Testing

Functional testing of your website, web application and mobile application

Manual testing of the functionality based on your specs/ issues in Jira/Github
Your engineers focus on developing the features and our QA engineers make sure it works as expected

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Test Automation

Build custom testing framework

Implement tests in the chosen framework
Partner with LoadFocus to easily maintain and update tests
Build CI/CD for mobile application building and testing
Setting up release processes for your mobile apllication
No need to hire or maintain any testers in your organization

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Mobile Application Testing

Select the right frameworks for your company based on the programming language: Java, Javascript etc

Build automated test framework from scratch
Implement tests in the chosen framework
Maintain and update tests
Build CI/CD for mobile application building and testing and deployment to the App Store and Play Store

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Exploratory Testing

Manual testing of your web or mobile application

Exploratory testing done by experienced QA engineers
Logging of issues in your bug tracking system
Maintain and update manual tests and test runs

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Localisation & i16n Testing

Checking the localized version of a product for that particular culture or locale settings

Checking all the affected by localization and internationalization for frontend content

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Performance and Load Testing

Define KPIs for your application

Implement performance and load testing solution for your product
Run the performance and load tests
Interpret the results of the testing and log issues in Jira/Github that need to be addressed

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