What is the Document Object Model (DOM)?

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< 1 minute read The Document Object Model (DOM) is¬†an object-oriented representation of the web page,¬†representing the document as nodes and objects (HTML tags),¬†which can be modified with a scripting language. DOM is a programming API for¬†HTML and XML documents. The DOM is created when the webpage loads inside the browsers, HTML you write is parsed by the browser… Read more »

How to Visually Compare Staging vs. Production Websites Automatically

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2 minutes read With LoadFocus¬†you can visually compare your staging website with your production website automatically, following these steps below: Steps to dynamically compare Staging vs. Production websites: Enter¬†https://loadfocus.com/newvisualtest-discover Enter your Staging Website (i.e. https://loadfocus-staging.com) Enter your Production or Live Website (i.e. https://loadfocus.com) Click Discover button and choose the number of URLs to automatically get discovered from your… Read more »

Visual Regression Tools

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< 1 minute read Here is the list with some of the most popular visual comparison tools for discovering UI design issues: LoadFocus Visual Regression Testing¬†– AUTOMATED VISUAL REGRESSION TOOL for Websites and UI Designs BackstopJS –¬†BackstopJS automates visual regression testing of your responsive web UI by comparing DOM screenshots over time. Wraith –¬†A responsive screenshot comparison tool PhantomCSS… Read more »