Cost-Effective way to Test your Websites from the Cloud – Video

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1 minute read We’ve created a video to present an overview of LoadFocus services offered: Cloud Load Testing Website Speed Testing Automated Website Testing Mobile Emulation Testing Please see below the full video. is a All-In-One Cloud Testing Platform for Load Testing and Performance Testing, Website Speed Testing, Automated Website Testing and Mobile Emulation for Websites, Mobile Applications… Read more »

Which is the Best and Fastest Way to Find Elements Using Selenium WebDriver

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2 minutes read Most of the Automated UI Selenium WebDriver test are very slow comparing to Unit Tests and API tests and one of the factors is how fast WebDriver can find elements within the HTML of a web page. Also, using the right locator ensures your tests are faster, more reliable and have a lower maintenance over… Read more »

How to Select a Dropdown in Selenium WebDriver using Java

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2 minutes read In order to select a dropdown value with Selenium WebDriver you have to create a Select (in C# it’s called SelectElement) element and not use the default WebElements. import; Use our previous post to locate elements with Selenium WebDriver. Select dropdown = new Select(driver.findElement(“identifier”))); Let’s consider the following dropdown element for our example: See… Read more »

How to Use Apache JMeter’s XPath Extractor?

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2 minutes read In order to add an XPath Extractor to your JMeter script you need to begin by installing JMeter and create an HTTP Request. If you want to check how you can create a load test with Apache JMeter, please check our previous blog post. Start by adding a XPath Extractor to your HTTP Request by following the… Read more »

How to use assertions in Apache JMeter tests

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5 minutes read What are assertions ? In case you are not familiar with the term, an assertion “is a test / a condition that must be tested to confirm conformance to a requirement”. Basically a test assertion is – a condition that compares the expected value with the actual value for a specified use case.   Why should I… Read more »

Load Testing Jenkins Plugin from

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1 minute read We’ve released our load testing plugin for Jenkins CI. Use the Post build actions and define your load test limits in order to mark the build UNSTABlE or FAILED Easy multiple accounts access via the credential Jenkins plugin. More details here: Installation Steps: 1. Create your load testing account on 2. Copy your… Read more »