– Free Website Speed Testing

Posted by & filed under Test Automation. is a cloud website speed testing tool providing in depth assessment into the speed of your website. All you need to do is to enter a URL to test the page load time of your website, and will provide website speed analysis. Features available: speed testing metrics: load time, performance score, latency, page size, number of… Read more »

Screenshot Comparison Tools

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Here is the list with some of the best screenshot comparison tools: Resemble.js – Image analysis and comparison. Analyse and compare images with Javascript and HTML5 pixelmatch – The smallest, simplest and fastest JavaScript pixel-level image comparison library, originally created to compare screenshots in tests PhantomCSS – Visual/CSS regression testing with PhantomJS WebdriverCSS – Regression testing tool for… Read more »

How to Find the Bottleneck of a Website / Microservice or API

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In order to find out how does your application / website behave, there are a number of steps that you have to follow which will give you a better understanding of the current performance state of your website / application. Usually, you can keep a customers interested if your website’s speed is good enough and each… Read more »

We’ve Speed Tested 30k Websites and here’s what we’ve found

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We’ve speed tested over 30000 websites and here are the speed test results after running the website speed tests: Total: 30000 websites tested – Check how fast is your website for free Response times between 0ms – 200ms 223 (<1%) websites with response time between 0ms – 200ms Response times between 200ms – 500ms 641 (~2%) websites with… Read more »