We’ve Speed Tested 30k Websites and here’s what we’ve found

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We’ve speed tested over 30000 websites and here are the speed test results after running the website speed tests: Total: 30000 websites tested – Check how fast is your website for free Response times between 0ms – 200ms 223 (<1%) websites with response time between 0ms – 200ms Response times between 200ms – 500ms 641 (~2%) websites with… Read more »

Performance Testing vs. Load Testing

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If you ever asked yourself “What is the difference between Performance Testing and Load Testing”, below are listed some of the main characteristics of Performance Testing and Load Testing, and how are they different from one another. What is Performance Testing? Performance Testing represents the characteristics of a system, how fast is that system, in… Read more »

How to Become a Better Automation Tester with Less than £200

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We’ve created an Online Courses platform for each one of you who wants to learn something new in 2017. We’ve added video courses which will help you go from no testing knowledge to becoming a proficient automated tester, with loads of knowledge regarding setting up automation framework, to creating good UI functional tests and structuring… Read more »

How to Send an Android Application to Background and Reopen It

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While testing different applications you will get to the need of testing the following scenario: The user is opening the application, clicks the Overview button which sends the application to background and reopens the application by choosing it from the recent used application. To be able to do that you need to know how to… Read more »

Behind the Scenes: How We’ve Built our First Selenium WebDriver Online Course in Just 2 Weeks

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We’re pulling back the curtain on how we came with the idea for what we consider “The Ultimate Selenium WebDriver Testing & Hands-on Guide” In the previous two years we’ve managed to post dozens of interesting new articles on our blog http://loadfocus.com/blog, and the increasing number of visitors prove that we are creating compelling and… Read more »