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Here is the list with some of the most popular visual comparison tools for discovering UI design issues:

LoadFocus Visual Regression Testing – AUTOMATED VISUAL REGRESSION TOOL for Websites and UI Designs

BackstopJS – BackstopJS automates visual regression testing of your responsive web UI by comparing DOM screenshots over time.

Wraith – A responsive screenshot comparison tool

PhantomCSS – Visual/CSS regression testing with PhantomJS

CasperJS – Navigation scripting and testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS

Spectre – A simple UI for browsing and inspecting diffs, and an API for runner scripts to submit screenshots to and receive a pass or fail in real time. (For use with Wraith, Backstop, Selenium etc)

VisualReview – VisualReview, a human-friendly tool for testing and reviewing visual regressions.

Gemini – Gemini is a utility for regression testing the visual appearance of web pages.

WebdriverCSS – Regression testing tool for WebdriverIO

Kobold – Visual regression testing framework, comparing screenshots from multiple builds

LoadFocus is a cloud testing platform for Load Testing, Website Speed Testing, Mobile Testing, Automated Website Testing and Visual Regression Testing.