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With Load Focus you can run your own Apache JMeter test scripts (.jmx files) in the cloud from multiple locations.

All you need to do to run a performance test (to check web app or website rendering, REST / SOAP APIs behaviour, or any other endpoint) is:

  • create a new Apache JMeter test after you login in the performance service
  • add an injector machine and select the type of injector machine you want to use (i.e. t1.micro) and location (i.e. North America)
  • upload the Apache JMeter test file into Load Focus
  • duplicate the injector machine or add new injector machines (you can upload different jmeter script files on different machines)
  • start the test and check the results
  • compare results with older test runs

With JMeter Cloud Load Testing Tool from LoadFocus, you can upload your Apache JMeter test scripts (.jmx files), run and analyse JMeter results from multiple world locations, everything in an easy to use UI.

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