What is HTTP POST Request?

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< 1 minute read HTTP POST request is used for sending data to a server. You can use POST requests for upload a file or submitting a web form, make sure that the receiving application agrees on the format. Additional headers are sent with the POST request: Content-Type: header which is usually application/x-www-form-urlencoded and the Content-Length: header gives the… Read more »

Performance Testing, Load Testing and Stress Testing

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2 minutes read Performance Testing, Load Testing and Stress Testing determine the behavior of the application under different types of usage. If you need to do a performance assessment of a website, web application, API you have to focus on a series of metrics. These are Response Time, Latency, Throughput, Bytes/second, Transactions/second, Hits/second and others. For a performance test… Read more »

LoadFocus launches today the Cloud Load Testing Service

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< 1 minute read LoadFocus launches today the cloud load and performance testing service powerful enough to stress a web application or API with thousands of concurrent users. Based on Apache JMeter open source project and hosted in the cloud, LoadFocus is designed for software developers, QA (Quality Assurance) engineers and product owners to run accurate load and performance tests… Read more »