Understanding 500 Internal Server Errors in GET or POST Requests

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2 minutes read Encountering a 500 Internal Server Error can be a web developer’s nightmare, especially when it pops up during GET or POST requests. It’s like hitting a roadblock with a sign that reads “Something went wrong, but I won’t tell you what.” Frustrating, right? Let’s dive into why these errors occur and how to tackle them,… Read more »

Load Testing Jenkins Plugin from LoadFocus.com

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< 1 minute read We’ve released our load testing plugin for Jenkins CI. Use the Post build actions and define your load test limits in order to mark the build UNSTABlE or FAILED Easy multiple accounts access via the credential Jenkins plugin. More details here: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/LoadFocus+Load+Testing+Plugin Installation Steps: 1. Create your load testing account on https://loadfocus.com 2. Copy your… Read more »