Best Places to Promote Your Startup Full List

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< 1 minute read We’ve compiled a full list that we used in order to promote out startup. In order to save time we’re going to present only the list, the best startup list to promote your startup and find investors: Product Hunt BetaList WebTechResources Crunch Base AngelList Startup Beat Killer Startups The Startup Pitch Founderdating YCombinator Breakpoint

Load Testing Jenkins Plugin from

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< 1 minute read We’ve released our load testing plugin for Jenkins CI. Use the Post build actions and define your load test limits in order to mark the build UNSTABlE or FAILED Easy multiple accounts access via the credential Jenkins plugin. More details here: Installation Steps: 1. Create your load testing account on 2. Copy your… Read more »

LoadFocus Releases Google Chrome Extension for Load Testing

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< 1 minute read Extension Provides Capability to Run Load Tests and View Results Directly from Your Browser LoadFocus today announced the release of its Google Chrome extension as the newest addition to their load testing platform for developers. LoadFocus’s Chrome extension allows users to run load tests directly from their browser without the need for any additional software…. Read more »