What is Google Lighthouse?

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What is Google Lighthouse?

4 minutes read If you know nothing about your customers’ experience with your website, Google Lighthouse might be the right tool for you. Google Lighthouse is an open source automated website auditing tool from Google, used for discovering issues and opportunities to improve the overall user experience of your website. Whether you’re a product owner, business owner or… Read more »

Introducing LF Page Speed Monitoring – Easily track speed of your website and compare with competitors

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2 minutes read Customers conversion rate is a very important metric for every online business, even if you have a simple website, a blog, an ecommerce marketplace or a complex platform. At LoadFocus, we saw this as an opportunity to add a new service under the same plans, a service which will help you keep an eye on… Read more »

How to Find the Bottleneck of a Website / Microservice or API

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3 minutes read Introduction Hey there! Let’s imagine the internet as a bustling, jam-packed highway. Now, think of bottlenecks like those annoying traffic jams that make you miss your favorite TV show’s beginning. Frustrating, right? For websites or services online, these bottlenecks are the difference between a user sticking around or driving off to another route. And that’s… Read more »