How to use Explicit and Implicit Waits in Selenium WebDriver with Java

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2 minutes read Here are details related to using waits with Selenium WebDriver in Java. According to the Selenium documentation, at the moment, there are two different type of waits: explicit and implicit. After you understand how to locate elements with Selenium WebDriver, you have to focus on waiting for elements to appear, be visible, be clickable. Waiting… Read more »

How to find by XPath text that contains apostrophe (single quote) in Selenium WebDriver

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1 minute read The only reliable way of using XPath in Selenium WebDriver for text with apostrophes (single quotes) is to use double quotes for the expression of the XPath. In order to find how to use XPath to locate WebElements in Chrome browser you can check our previous article. For example, for the code below: driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//*[@text='” + text + “‘]”))… Read more »

How to MouseOver (Hover) a WebElement using Selenium WebDriver

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2 minutes read We are going to present how you can mouseover an web element using Selenium WebDriver. The code below is straight forward: first we identify the element to be hovered in the web page, here is how you can find web elements using Selenium WebDriver. hover (mouseover) functionality is provided in Selenium WebDriver with the help of the… Read more »

Cost-Effective way to Test your Websites from the Cloud – Video

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1 minute read We’ve created a video to present an overview of LoadFocus services offered: Cloud Load Testing Website Speed Testing Automated Website Testing Mobile Emulation Testing Please see below the full video. is a All-In-One Cloud Testing Platform for Load Testing and Performance Testing, Website Speed Testing, Automated Website Testing and Mobile Emulation for Websites, Mobile Applications… Read more »