What is JMeter Load Testing?

Apache JMeter

< 1 minute read Apache JMeter is an open source desktop load testing tool, a 100% pure Java application, available on every OS (operating system) that supports Java 6 or later. Apache JMeter Load Testing tool can be used for analyzing and measuring the performance of websites, APIs and various web services, by adding load through various type of… Read more »

Why does installing JMeter with Homebrew gives invalid option: –with-plugins?

Apache JMeter Load Testing Performance Testing

Apache JMeter

< 1 minute read Before Homebrew 2.0 it was possible to install JMeter with all the extra plugins by using the following command: brew install jmeter –with-plugins Since Homebrew 2.0 the options have been removed so the command from above will show ‘Error: invalid option: –with-plugins‘. How to fix Install JMeter with: brew install jmeter Install the extra plugins… Read more »