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In case you want to easily start Apache JMeter load testing tool on your MAC OS, here some things which you help you get started.

Once you downloaded Apache JMeter, just go to the PATH where you’ve dowloaded it. For example, I’ve downloaded JMeter in my Downloads folder. Here are full details on how to run your first load test with JMeter.


Steps to Add JMeter to the PATH environment variable:

  1. Open Command-Line (Terminal)
  2. Type jmeter and press Enter
  3. If JMeter is not in the PATH variable, you’ll get the following:
    -bash: jmeter: command not found

  4. In terminal, go to the bin folder, where you’ve downloaded JMeter
  5. Press pwd command to get the current working directory
  6. Update the PATH variable with the following command:
    export PATH=$PATH:/Users/user/Downloads/apache-jmeter-2.13/bin
  7. Now type jmeter in the terminal and Apache JMeter will start

This is what you should see in your terminal:

computer:bin user$ jmeter
-bash: jmeter: command not found
computer:bin user$ pwd
computer:bin user$ export PATH=$PATH:/Users/user/Downloads/apache-jmeter-2.13/bin
computer:bin user$ jmeter