What is a Staging Environment in Software Development?

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3 minutes read LoadFocus – is a easy to use cloud testing tool, and you don’t need any setup, it runs from the browser. It helps you understand better your Website’s and WebServices’ performance and find potential bottleneck before your customers do. Run a free website speed test today. The Staging Environment is a complete copy of the… Read more »

Best Places to Promote Your Startup Full List

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1 minute read We’ve compiled a full list that we used in order to promote out startup. In order to save time we’re going to present only the list, the best startup list to promote your startup and find investors: Product Hunt BetaList WebTechResources Crunch Base AngelList Startup Beat Killer Startups The Startup Pitch Founderdating YCombinator Breakpoint

WebTechResources.com – Discover and share new resources every day

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1 minute read With WebTechResources.com you can discover and share new resources, tech tools, products every day. You can find the best tools in every category sorted by number of views, votes, comments. Compare your favourite tech resources with other resources in the same category, and find the best tool for your company. Here are some interesting categories… Read more »

Organic Visitors vs Paid Ads

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1 minute read Entrepreneurs always ask themselves which is the best way to grow a startup, paid ads or organic user search. We believe that organic customers are a good way of identifying the product market fit of your MVP. Before investing into any paid ads you must first have a product, a product that would be loved… Read more »